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Most popular sports in the world.

Sports have become a crucial part of everyone’s life. We all play sports in our life for some or other means may be for entertainment, for passion, for fitness, or for pursuing a career. Even the younger kids play it with great enthusiasm. Aren’t you a fan of at least one of the games or following it ardently? You will be surely doing that.

In this article, you will be introduced to the most popular sports in the world and the following or the fans they are having. By popular we mean the most followed and the most adored game passionately.

Let’s move on to the ranking part and we will list you all the games that have gained popularity.

Most of these games are played in the Olympics wherein different countries compete with each other.

Nowadays sports has become a means of generating revenue with the new sports league coming up throughout the year and this is also a reason for its popularity.

  1. Soccer- 4 billion fans.

Soccer is also known as Association football is the most popular sport in the world. It has influenced almost the whole world. Soccer is said that 50% of the world’s population consider themselves soccer fans. It has the estimation of about 4 billion fans that is the highest of any other sport played. The sport was first officially started in England and hence it has its highest influence on the countries of Europe and America. This sport consists of two teams each having eleven players and two goals. The main objective of the game is to dive the ball into the goal.

  1. Cricket- 2.5 billion fans.

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world with about 2.5 billion from all over the world. There is surely no explanation required for this game as everyone must have surely played it once in their childhood and some maybe even doing it every weekend. This game also consists of eleven players and has become very famous among countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Australia.

  1. Field Hockey- 2 billion fans.

Field Hockey has an estimated following of about 2 billion throughout the world and we all know that it is the national game of India. It was first started and played in England in the 1800s. It is widely played in India, Australia, and Pakistan.

  1. Tennis- 1 billion fans.

Tennis has an estimated global following of 1 billion fans. Though it was played by different countries initially, the modern game was first introduced by France and then spread into Europe and later to the other parts. This game is played among two groups each consisting of one or two-player that each one of them has to pass a ball over the net by a tennis racket. They earn points when an opponent misses passing a ball to the other.

  1. Volleyball- 900 Million fans.

The initial influence of this game was is in Western Europe and North America the most and also has a global following of about 900 million fans. The sport was invented in the US by William G.Morgan in 1895. The sport has moreover changed to become the modern sport played today that consists of 6 players each who throw a ball over the net.

  1. Table Tennis- 875 Million fans.

This sport was started by England and was referred to as Ping Pong. It has a global influence of about 875 million fans. The game requires the player in two teams to pass the ball by hitting on a hard table with a net in the between.

  1. Basketball- 825 Million fans.

Basketball has around 825 million fans globally. The sport was invented by Dr. James Naismith in 1891 in the United States. He invented it with the view of making it an alternative to Football as it could be played indoors and would cause fewer accidents. The sport is played between two teams consisting of five players wherein they compete for putting the higher number of the ball in the basket 10ms above the ground.

  1. Baseball- 500 Million fans.

Baseball is highly popular in the United States, the Caribbean, and Japan. The sport requires a bat and a ball and is played between two teams each consisting of 9 players. It has changed over time from what it was invented to become the modern sport played today.

  1. Rugby- 475 Million fans.

Rugby is primarily famous in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth and has gained around 475 million fans. The sport is played among two teams each consisting of 15 players who have to pass, kill, or carry the ball to the end line to score a point.

  1. Golf- 450 Million fans.

Golf has an estimated following of 450 million people and has an influence in Western Europe, East Asia, and North America. The sport was first played in Scotland than in the UK and later in the rest of the world. It is played in India by many elite groups as a hobby. Hence has a very niche audience in India.

These were the most popular sport in the whole world and you would be definitely following one of them and yes you are a part of our following counts. To all the others this article would give you a brief about the whole sports scenario throughout the world.

most subscribed twitch

Twitch is the most popular video game streaming platform wherein users stream online for their viewers. It is an excellent and one of the most famous live content-generating applications. There is a number of channels that have come up and have gained popularity among all the audience. But some have crossed all the limits and are extraordinary in their work and hence have gained a lot of subscribers.

This article is about all these channels that have won all the user’s hearts on Twitch and have kept most of them for so long. So let’s sneak into these people’s work and at the same time also learn who has the most number of subscribers.

The top 10 channels having the most subscriber according to April 2019 data.


NINJA is at the bottom of the list. It may be shocking for a lot of you but yes that’s the truth according to today’s time. It has about 20400 subscribers. No doubt being the most subscribed channel on Twitch is not everyone’s cup of tea. But it’s really surprising to find Ninja at the bottom of the list as some months back he had left behind everyone and had a lot of followers. But now NINJA is losing its subscriber every day and we hope it will do something to retain it.

9- MooNMooN_OW

He is been popular for a long period of time and is known to keep his follower consistent with his work for a long. He is proved to be the best example for making videos right. One should do proper research on him if they wish to follow their work. It has around 21400 subscribers.

8- xQcOW

This streamer first came on the series of professional overwatch player for two teams before. But later left the player league for some kind of controversy. He is an extremely talented streamer that makes videos using different and unique aspect like. It has around 22000 subscribers on its channel.


He is famous and a very recognizable face since he has joined the gaming world. He is extremely over the top personality very high products and quality makes him the most entertaining streamer on the platform. It has around 24500 subscribers, isn’t that great? Yes, it is and he is surely going to gain more subscribers over time with his great work.

6- Lirik

He has also been on the ground for a very long time. He has started in 2011 when twitch was in its nascent stage. Lirik has around 26700 subscribers.


He is said to be the best PC gamers of all time. He is known for every game he plays. Today he focuses on famous games like PUBG, Apex, etc. He has around 29000 subscribers.


He is probably the most unique entry on this list. They act as a television company and has literally earned money for the unique content on its channel by YouTube also. This channel has around 32000 followers.


SUMMIT1G has also been in the game for a very long time but has recently gained a massive explosion of viewership. Thanks to its own Sea of thieves. He is the most popular streamer for this game. He also plays PUBG and other famous games. He has almost 50000 subscribers.


He is been there in history for streaming on 81 channels. He gained popularity when he started playing with players like NINJA. He takes an hour before playing games and chats with his viewers.

And hence is able to keep his followers by showing his love to them. He has 55000 subscribers.

Huge, Right?

  • Tfue

And the number one today is Tfue. This new face has worked hard to come to our top list as the most subscribed channel on Twitch. He is undoubtedly one of the best fortnight player in the world. And yes he has almost 80000 subscribers on his channel making him number one on our list. And hence after all our research, he is at the pinnacle of the subscriber list in today’s time.

With this we have come to the end of our list, I would like to inform you that in this streaming world nothing is static as the games change the popularity goes up and down with the trending games.

But at present, we have these 10 legends on our list.

Twitch is a platform that is growing really very fast, it is a platform that allows users to stream online or view such online streaming. There are millions of users on Twitch and out of them there around 4.5 million twitch users. This number is so huge in these are the people who are doing really well and even some who have just started streaming and coming into the limelight. They do earn money but not a hefty amount, in this article we are going to talk about all these twitch streamers and will also dig-in, how much money they earn through streaming?

To understand this question better let us first understand what different ways do Twitch streamers make money.

Different ways they can :

  1. Affiliate Programs.
  2. Subscription.
  3. Through Bits.
  4. Through donation.
  5. Twitch affiliate.
  6. Twitch partner program.

To learn more about each one of them, you can read our article on-

How does Twitch streamers make money?

But for earning through all these ways or at least one of them, you need to fit in some of the criteria by Twitch. That means you should have a certain number of followers on Twitch.

People buy Bits on Twitch, it is a special type of currency that the viewer’s use to show their love to the streamers.

Now as we are here talking about small streamers we will take into consideration all that a small streamer can do out of all these ways.

Small streamers are those who have just started streaming and are doing quite well. They have a decent number of visitors visiting every day and the average number of followers.

So the ways that they will choose will all depend on their popularity?

Small streamers can earn money through the following ways-

  • Affiliate Program

A small Twitch streamer with around 50k followers can earn through this way. This is a kind of partnership with Twitch through which Twitch shows pre-roll Ad and you get some part of it from Twitch. This is one of the ways through which a small streamer earn on Twitch.

  • Subscription

Subscription is also the way through which Twitch streamers earn, this works like a subscription that a user will do for a streamers channel. The money that comes from these subscriptions again a part goes to twitch and the left to the streamers.

  • Through Bits

Once you have small but loyal followers who like you and your work. There is a 100% chance that they will show that love to you through bits. Viewers can purchase bits and then use them to cheer up their favorite player.

Ninja and shroud

  • Through Donation.

The same goes for this, if you have genuine and loyal followers who like you, they will show their love by donating a certain amount to encourage you in your work. The best part of this income is that there is no sharing with Twitch and it all goes to the streamer.

These were all the major ways through which a small streamer earn on Twitch. All these sources give a small amount of money as there is also a sharing with Twitch. So small streamers don’t earn much they earn only a handful amount of money. But there is always a scope to earn more money with great hard work and dedication.

Watching online stream on Twitch and wondering how to be on the other side of the screen? Aspiring to become a twitch streamer and confused about what to do and how to go along with it?

If yes then you will be given all the solutions to your problems and answers to your queries and at the end of this article, you will be all set to go and start streaming and be the next influencer of this era.

Let me give you a short brief about Twitch and some of the inspiration or people who are doing great on Twitch.

Twitch is an online streaming platform that is used by millions of users all around the world. People stream on different topics on Twitch but most is done on Gaming. Streamers now through their dedication and creativity have gained millions of followers and are very popular in the Twitch world.

As you too are heading forward to become one of them, make the best of this platform, and grow to the fullest.

Let us first talk about what do you need to be a Streamer so that you can keep them all handy.

  • A good computer.

This is a very important and very obvious requirement as to stream online you need to have a good computer that does not hang and irritate you during the streaming. Twitch recommends at least have an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, and Windows 7 or new than it. With Computers you also need to have a good internet connection, it is better to stream through a desktop than a laptop.

  • Another PC to share the load

One can stream on Twitch using one computer but you are streaming very high graphics games, playing and streaming at the same time, it is always good to have two PCs at one time. Most of the famous streamers use this way to stream.

  • A twitch account.

One can visit to join without paying anything for free. Once you make an account you should always set up your profile by adding a custom avatar, banner, and description so that viewers can know you well.

  • Software to stream

The most important for streaming is the software as it helps you show your gameplay to the world.  The two most used streaming software is Open broadcasting software (OBS) and XSpilt. Whichever software you use you may have to go through the same basic settings like picking up the source, choosing how to lay it for your viewer, and finally syncing your Twitch account and going live.

twitch stream

  • Camera and Microphone to shoot it well.

You need a good camera and microphone to shoot or stream well. As you should come clear to your viewers. And a good microphone that does not plays unnecessary sound should be used.

  • One can also stream through a Console.

You can also stream directly from your console if you have Xbox One or a PS4 and you will not require an extra device or software. The setup is also very simple and will make you work for a long.

With all these Tangible products you will definitely require the intangible too.

  • Find the niche topic you want to stream on.

Choose a niche topic you want to stream on, and then stick to it. Select something that already has a huge demand among the viewers. Your topic will make you unique from others and hence you must choose a topic that stands out among millions of channels present.

  • Always be consistent in your work towards the channel.

Consistency is the key to success on Twitch. One should be regular on Twitch as your viewers will expect you there. Once you be regular and suddenly stop streaming for some days there will be a breakage of the link between you and your viewers and hence this will decrease your viewer’s loyalty towards your channel. Hence make a schedule and follow it as to get a good response we must give good work in the first place.

  • Get in contact with the existing streamers.

Networking is very important at the start of your Twitch journey. This lets you connect to people and also make a new contact. Having a good network with existing streamers will make you credible to your viewers.

  • Let the conversation be two-sided: Be Interactive.

Connect with your viewers, let the chat room be filled with positive responses. As the more love, you show your viewers the more you will get from them. So always try to hear from the other side of the screen and let your viewer feel that there is a real human on the screen in the virtual world of Twitch.

  • Give yourself time.

Success takes a lot of time and effort. So it’s very important to give yourself time and work towards your success and not just getting disappointed in not getting one. Take ample time to know your channel and your viewers better. At start don’t expect a lot of success it comes to those who patiently work towards their betterment.

 This was all you need to know to become a Twitch streamer, now as you have so much information with you, you can soon start streaming and come in the best streamer list soon. So be dedicated and work hard that’s all you need for a great stream.

Twitch is an online streaming service that allows the user to stream live videos and watch some other exciting videos too. It’s a great way to bash up your daily stress and enjoy the world of Twitch with popcorn and coke, isn’t it?

As this platform is so wide and amazing it also has a unique currency system called Bid. So yes Twitch has its own currency called Bits. Now we all will be inquisitive to know why have they used this name, is there any reason or logic towards it? Of course, there is and this article will dig into the reason behind the term.

Let us first understand Twitch a little better.

Bits are a great way for a streamer as well as the viewer or user to interact and show their support to their favorite channel.  One can gain Twitch by using many ways and also purchase it. They are growing very extensively and have gain popularity among Twitch users.

Bits are animated cheering emotes that one can use to cheer up or support their favorite streamer or broadcaster by sending it to their chat.

It shows your love and dedication towards a particular player. It’s an in-stream currency of the virtual world. One can easily purchase it online. It gives a chance to the viewers to be a part of the Live video and thus they can put up their voice. Users generally collect Bits over time or gain Bits by watching online adverts and then they participate to support and donate their bits online watching streaming videos.

Wondering about is there any advantages that the user has while giving out his bits? Yes, donating and supporting their favorite streamer help them to appear very supportive and generous to the other audience. There are exciting badges given out to the continuous Bits donating fan. So the fans are awarded badges worth donating for.

So this system of Bits is designed for both the user and the streamer. It a type of connection bridge that connects the fan and the streamer together.

Through twitch bits, Streamers are encouraged to be more dedicated towards their account and make more high-quality videos.

Reason Twitch came up with this currency.

If we see in a broader aspect it is the revenue-generating system of Twitch. It uses its own currency to earn through the way of putting up money for your favorite player. They engage the user in the process of streaming and showing love to their players by giving out Bits and at the same time makes its own way of generating money to sustain the big platform that it is running,

So now everyone is aware of the concept of Bits in Twitch and we all know why it is used. To know how to use Bits you can go through our recent article on Using Bits on Twitch.

Final Words

So to every Twitch player, go and surely try this feature of twitch and see whether it fits your excitement level. No doubt every Twitch lover will adore the Bits system on twitch as they get the chance to interact and show their love to the streamers.

While you start using a new App, you may get lost and couldn’t navigate well and thus won’t be able to make the most of it. This article will inform as well as persuade you to start using the application and explore the online world of video games and other streaming videos. We will talk about all you need to know or require to be a Twitch streamer.

Let’s Go-

Definitely, each and every game freak will enjoy watching people play video games and hence Twitch has successfully captivated people to be a part of it and has gained around 15 million daily viewers.

These are the must-have things to become a Twitch streamer. Let’s check them all out so that you all will come to know what are you lagging behind with and hence start working for it and gain it.

  • No doubt, a good computer.

This is one of the basic requirements to enjoy the benefits of Twitch as itself recommends people to at least use one having Intel Core i5 processor, a minimum of 8 GB Ram, and at least Windows 7 or followed by that. As you are streaming PC games you need good graphics that support the high quality of the game being played.

Internet connection obviously is an asset to the device as the faster the internet, the faster is the speed. We thus recommend you to have a computer with all the above requirement that will eventually make it good.

  • Sometimes you may need two Pcs.

Though one PC is enough to twitch sometimes it may get difficult doing it on one.  As streaming and gaming, some of the intense games may be too much to handle for one PC and hence in such a situation, you may require two of them to make sure that things work smoothly. One can be used for gaming and the other for streaming making your work easier. If you are not able to arrange two, don’t worry there’s always an alternative you can look for desktop specific for gaming that houses two complete Pcs in a single device. 

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twitch streaming platform

  • A twitch account.

It’s damn easy all that you need to do is to go to and join for free. As you do it on all your social media account, the same you need to do here also. That is you need to inform the audience about you by describing you and selecting your unique avatar. 

  • Software for streaming.

Being a twitch streamer means you want to show up yourself out to the world and that can be only possible using streaming software. It’s the must-have and essential part of the streaming process. The two most used software is Open Broadcasting Service (OBS) and Xspilt. Out of these two OBS is completely free while Xsplit is a paid service as it gives a highly effective interface. All the software has almost the same kind of setting that is selecting your sources, deciding how you want to appear to your viewer and last one syncing up your account and finally going live.

  • Microphone and Camera.

While you are streaming and going live you need to be clear to your viewer that is your voice should be audible and your face should be clearly visible. Hence one should have a microphone and a good camera to cover up things better and effectively.

  •  Streaming from Consoles.

One can also directly stream from Xbox 4 or PS4 and once you have one of them you will not need any device or software and you will be able to do it all using the Consoles. You will just need the Twitch app and then you can go forward with it and make things work out smoothly.

And as you are now familiar with all that you need to know, try adding each of them to your bucket list one by one and once you are ready with all, definitely you can be a Twitch streamer.