How much do small Twitch streamers make?

How much do small Twitch streamers make?

Twitch is a platform that is growing really very fast, it is a platform that allows users to stream online or view such online streaming. There are millions of users on Twitch and out of them there around 4.5 million twitch users. This number is so huge in these are the people who are doing really well and even some who have just started streaming and coming into the limelight. They do earn money but not a hefty amount, in this article we are going to talk about all these twitch streamers and will also dig-in, how much money they earn through streaming?

To understand this question better let us first understand what different ways do Twitch streamers make money.

Different ways they can :

  1. Affiliate Programs.
  2. Subscription.
  3. Through Bits.
  4. Through donation.
  5. Twitch affiliate.
  6. Twitch partner program.

To learn more about each one of them, you can read our article on-

How does Twitch streamers make money?

But for earning through all these ways or at least one of them, you need to fit in some of the criteria by Twitch. That means you should have a certain number of followers on Twitch.

People buy Bits on Twitch, it is a special type of currency that the viewer’s use to show their love to the streamers.

Now as we are here talking about small streamers we will take into consideration all that a small streamer can do out of all these ways.

Small streamers are those who have just started streaming and are doing quite well. They have a decent number of visitors visiting every day and the average number of followers.

So the ways that they will choose will all depend on their popularity?

Small streamers can earn money through the following ways-

  • Affiliate Program

A small Twitch streamer with around 50k followers can earn through this way. This is a kind of partnership with Twitch through which Twitch shows pre-roll Ad and you get some part of it from Twitch. This is one of the ways through which a small streamer earn on Twitch.

  • Subscription

Subscription is also the way through which Twitch streamers earn, this works like a subscription that a user will do for a streamers channel. The money that comes from these subscriptions again a part goes to twitch and the left to the streamers.

  • Through Bits

Once you have small but loyal followers who like you and your work. There is a 100% chance that they will show that love to you through bits. Viewers can purchase bits and then use them to cheer up their favorite player.

Ninja and shroud

  • Through Donation.

The same goes for this, if you have genuine and loyal followers who like you, they will show their love by donating a certain amount to encourage you in your work. The best part of this income is that there is no sharing with Twitch and it all goes to the streamer.

These were all the major ways through which a small streamer earn on Twitch. All these sources give a small amount of money as there is also a sharing with Twitch. So small streamers don’t earn much they earn only a handful amount of money. But there is always a scope to earn more money with great hard work and dedication.

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