Top 10 Subscribed Twitch Channel list!!

Top 10 Subscribed Twitch Channel list!!

Twitch is the most popular video game streaming platform wherein users stream online for their viewers. It is an excellent and one of the most famous live content-generating applications. There is a number of channels that have come up and have gained popularity among all the audience. But some have crossed all the limits and are extraordinary in their work and hence have gained a lot of subscribers.

This article is about all these channels that have won all the user’s hearts on Twitch and have kept most of them for so long. So let’s sneak into these people’s work and at the same time also learn who has the most number of subscribers.

The top 10 channels having the most subscriber according to April 2019 data.


NINJA is at the bottom of the list. It may be shocking for a lot of you but yes that’s the truth according to today’s time. It has about 20400 subscribers. No doubt being the most subscribed channel on Twitch is not everyone’s cup of tea. But it’s really surprising to find Ninja at the bottom of the list as some months back he had left behind everyone and had a lot of followers. But now NINJA is losing its subscriber every day and we hope it will do something to retain it.

9- MooNMooN_OW

He is been popular for a long period of time and is known to keep his follower consistent with his work for a long. He is proved to be the best example for making videos right. One should do proper research on him if they wish to follow their work. It has around 21400 subscribers.

8- xQcOW

This streamer first came on the series of professional overwatch player for two teams before. But later left the player league for some kind of controversy. He is an extremely talented streamer that makes videos using different and unique aspect like. It has around 22000 subscribers on its channel.


He is famous and a very recognizable face since he has joined the gaming world. He is extremely over the top personality very high products and quality makes him the most entertaining streamer on the platform. It has around 24500 subscribers, isn’t that great? Yes, it is and he is surely going to gain more subscribers over time with his great work.

6- Lirik

He has also been on the ground for a very long time. He has started in 2011 when twitch was in its nascent stage. Lirik has around 26700 subscribers.


He is said to be the best PC gamers of all time. He is known for every game he plays. Today he focuses on famous games like PUBG, Apex, etc. He has around 29000 subscribers.


He is probably the most unique entry on this list. They act as a television company and has literally earned money for the unique content on its channel by YouTube also. This channel has around 32000 followers.


SUMMIT1G has also been in the game for a very long time but has recently gained a massive explosion of viewership. Thanks to its own Sea of thieves. He is the most popular streamer for this game. He also plays PUBG and other famous games. He has almost 50000 subscribers.


He is been there in history for streaming on 81 channels. He gained popularity when he started playing with players like NINJA. He takes an hour before playing games and chats with his viewers.

And hence is able to keep his followers by showing his love to them. He has 55000 subscribers.

Huge, Right?

  • Tfue

And the number one today is Tfue. This new face has worked hard to come to our top list as the most subscribed channel on Twitch. He is undoubtedly one of the best fortnight player in the world. And yes he has almost 80000 subscribers on his channel making him number one on our list. And hence after all our research, he is at the pinnacle of the subscriber list in today’s time.

With this we have come to the end of our list, I would like to inform you that in this streaming world nothing is static as the games change the popularity goes up and down with the trending games.

But at present, we have these 10 legends on our list.

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