What are bits on Twitch? Why did they come up with that currency?

What are bits on Twitch? Why did they come up with that currency?

Twitch is an online streaming service that allows the user to stream live videos and watch some other exciting videos too. It’s a great way to bash up your daily stress and enjoy the world of Twitch with popcorn and coke, isn’t it?

As this platform is so wide and amazing it also has a unique currency system called Bid. So yes Twitch has its own currency called Bits. Now we all will be inquisitive to know why have they used this name, is there any reason or logic towards it? Of course, there is and this article will dig into the reason behind the term.

Let us first understand Twitch a little better.

Bits are a great way for a streamer as well as the viewer or user to interact and show their support to their favorite channel.  One can gain Twitch by using many ways and also purchase it. They are growing very extensively and have gain popularity among Twitch users.

Bits are animated cheering emotes that one can use to cheer up or support their favorite streamer or broadcaster by sending it to their chat.

It shows your love and dedication towards a particular player. It’s an in-stream currency of the virtual world. One can easily purchase it online. It gives a chance to the viewers to be a part of the Live video and thus they can put up their voice. Users generally collect Bits over time or gain Bits by watching online adverts and then they participate to support and donate their bits online watching streaming videos.

Wondering about is there any advantages that the user has while giving out his bits? Yes, donating and supporting their favorite streamer help them to appear very supportive and generous to the other audience. There are exciting badges given out to the continuous Bits donating fan. So the fans are awarded badges worth donating for.

So this system of Bits is designed for both the user and the streamer. It a type of connection bridge that connects the fan and the streamer together.

Through twitch bits, Streamers are encouraged to be more dedicated towards their account and make more high-quality videos.

Reason Twitch came up with this currency.

If we see in a broader aspect it is the revenue-generating system of Twitch. It uses its own currency to earn through the way of putting up money for your favorite player. They engage the user in the process of streaming and showing love to their players by giving out Bits and at the same time makes its own way of generating money to sustain the big platform that it is running,

So now everyone is aware of the concept of Bits in Twitch and we all know why it is used. To know how to use Bits you can go through our recent article on Using Bits on Twitch.

Final Words

So to every Twitch player, go and surely try this feature of twitch and see whether it fits your excitement level. No doubt every Twitch lover will adore the Bits system on twitch as they get the chance to interact and show their love to the streamers.

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